Regional Disaster Workforce Engagement Manager, Seattle, WA (Open Until Filled)

Job Description:

Serves as functional support in a Red Cross Region for supporting the disaster workforce. Provides technical expertise, training, and coordinating regional implementation of Disaster Workforce priorities, this position collaborates with regional employees and volunteers in the disaster territories to build capacity in the local community for the disaster cycle.
Specific functions of this position include program implementation, collaboration with employees and volunteers, and soliciting feedback from end customers. Works to perform these functions according to the program direction provided by the Disaster Workforce Engagement function at headquarters. Team leadership, supervision, and personnel development is provided by the Disaster Workforce Engagement Program Support Manager.

This position operates as a part of the process called Engage Volunteers and Employees which is one of the (five pillar / three core) processes of the Disaster Management Cycle. Specific functions of this position include:
Workforce training, engagement and deployment and workforce development.
Drivers for this work include:
Scheduled volunteers and need for trained volunteers.

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