Outreach and Membership Committee

The Outreach, Membership and Engagement Committee reports to the WSEMA Executive Board and is co-chaired by the Public Sector and Private Sector members-at-large.


Our mission is to enable and encourage participation in WSEMA, helping to increase its value through better and more relevant communication, recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies.


Members see WSEMA as a professional value-added proposition and seek greater involvement in its functioning. Potential members and the community at large sees WSEMA as an organization dedicated to improving Washington state mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery operations.

Strategic Goals: 

  • Make WSEMA membership the goal of all community planning and disaster recovery stakeholders in Washington State.
  • Increase the value of WSEMA to current and future members
  • Increase WSEMA member participation in committees and workgroups


  • Outreach sub-committee
  • Membership sub-committee
  • Engagement sub-committee

Committee Members 

Strategic Plan