WSEMA has six standing committees:  Membership, Bylaws, Conference, Legislative, Strategic, and Scholarship. The Executive Board supports each committee with a liaison, and each committee as at least one chair. 

Reports of committee are made at the annual WSEMA conference and during each Executive Board Meeting.  Issues of high importance that arise throughout the year which are relevant to the committee’s responsibilities are reported to President and disseminated to membership. 

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to promote and increase association membership and conduct outreach using multiple methods including face-to-face and technology. We will reach out to public and private partners across the state interested in promoting WSEMA priorities, collaborating together, and forging stronger relationships. 

Outreach and Membership Committee 

The purpose of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee is to make recommendations for revision by the WSEMA membership. It monitors adherence to provisions of the WSEMA Bylaws and Constitution.

Bylaws Committee 

The purpose of the WSEMA Conference Committee is to plan, coordinate, and develop the Annual WSEMA Conference. The committee is responsible for all facets of the program, including topics, schedule, speakers, and coordination of any training or seminars offered in conjunction with the conference.

Conference Committee  

The Legislative Committee monitors proposed legislation in Washington State which may impact emergency management activities or the goals of WSEMA, or may set a precedent for the future legal direction of the field. It sponsors Legislative Day at the Capitol.

Legislative Committee  

The Strategic Planning Committee works with the WSEMA Executive Board throughout the strategic planning process and in between planning cycles, including but not limited to: connecting with members to ensure an inclusive planning process, monitor the implementation strategy for the current strategic plan, communicate the goals of the plan and the planning process to the general membership and encourage members to take an active role in helping WSEMA achieve its goals.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Scholarship Committee is appointed by the WSEMA Executive Board to conduct the business of the scholarship program. It formulates its own slate of nominations for Board approval, and elects its own chair annually.  The only function of the Scholarship Committee is to make scholarship awards. The Commission is charged to:

  • Solicit applications, process candidates and make scholarship awards;
  • Recommend program policy to WSEMA Board of Directors;
  • Assist with fundraising and marketing effort;
  • Report to the WSEMA Board on status of the scholarship program. The Scholarship Committee assures the program remains open, fair and impartial; retains integrity; and implements the mission of emergency management by assuring applicants have met the minimum standards outlined in the scholarship program.
  • Members of the Committee may not apply for a scholarship.

Scholarship Committee & Information