Introducing New WSEMA Executive Board Members

Executive Board elections were held during the WSEMA General Membership Meeting, Wednesday 21-September.  Five Board positions were open, including President-Elect, Treasurer, Public Sector Representative, and Private Sector Representative, each of these on their normal term schedule.  The Tribal Representative position was also open for a mid-term replacement, due to a job change for Arick Burnett of the Chehalis Tribe.

Before the elections were held, an additional one-year term for current WSEMA President, Chandra Fox, was approved by the members present.

Election results are as follows:

President-Elect:  Ross McDowell (Lewis County EM)

Public Sector Representative:  Annie Merritt (WA EMD)

Private Sector Representative:  Matthew Lieuallen (Stantec)

Tribal Representative:  Glen Roggenbuck (Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe)

Treasurer:  Current Treasurer, Charma Anderson, agreed to a one-year extension of her term, to serve while the Association conducts a Request For Proposals (RFP) for either an Association Management firm or an Accountant.  Erica Katt (Lewis County EM) was nominated for, and accepted, a Treasurer “Trainee” position, to shadow Charma throughout the next year to learn about the Treasurer’s responsibilities and how they may change should the Association opt to employ a management firm.