WSEMA Leadership

Executive Board Members 2018 – 2019 

Sandi Duffy, WSEMA President 

Vacant, WSEMA President-Elect 

Elizabeth "Eli" King, Secretary of WSEMA

Elizabeth “Eli” King, WSEMA Secretary
State Energy Office | Emergency Manager

Pattijean Hooper, Past President of WSEMA

Pattijean Hooper, WSEMA Past-President                City of Redmond | Director of Emergency Management

Charma Anderson, WSEMA Treasurer

WSEMA Public Sector Representative 

WSEMA Private Sector Representative 

WSEMA East Side Representative 

WSEMA West Side Representative 

WSEMA Tribal Representative 

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Committee Chairs 2018 – 2019 

Outreach and Membership Committee Co-Chair

Outreach and Membership Committee Co-Chair

Bylaws Committee Chair 

Conference Committee Chair

Vacant, Strategic Committee Chair

Vacant, Legislative Committee Chair