WSEMA Leadership

Executive Board Members 2018 – 2019 

Kyle Bustad, WSEMA President-Elect | Pierce County | Operations Manager

Chandra Fox, WSEMA President – Elect| Spokane County | Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Diana Hogan, WSEMA Secretary
Chelan County| Emergency Management Specialist 

Sandi Duffey WSEMA President

Sandi Duffey, WSEMA Past- President |Grant County |Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Charma Anderson, WSEMA Treasurer |WA Emergency Management Division | Program Manager 

Vivian Eason, WSEMA Public Sector Representative | Thurston County | Emergency Manager

Matthew Lieuallen, WSEMA Private Sector Representative | 

JoAnn Boggs

JoAnn Boggs, WSEMA East Side Representative | Pend Oreille County | Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Cindy Stanley, WSEMA West Side Representative | CRESA | Emergency Management 

Glen Roggenbuck, WSEMA Tribal Representative | Lower Elwha Tribe | Emergency Manager

WSEMA Executive Board Election Cycle Information: 

The term of office for the President and President Elect shall be one year. The President Elect shall move into the President’s position at the end of the one-year term of office held by the President. 

The East and West Side Representative, Secretary, and the Tribal Liaison shall be elected every odd year to serve a two-year term of office. The Treasurer, Public Sector Member-at-large, and Private Sector Member-at-large shall be elected every even year to serve a two-year term of office. 

Terms of office shall start at the beginning of the month following elections. 

Committee Chairs 2018 – 2019 

Matthew Lieuallen | Outreach and Membership Committee Co-Chair

Lorraine Churchill Bylaws Committee Chair 

Chandra Fox | Strategic Committee Chair

Vivian Eason| Outreach and Membership Committee Co-Chair

JoAnn Boggs| Conference Committee Chair

Jason Biermann, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Jennifer Rosenberger, Legislative Committee Co-Chair