Who We Are

The Washington State Emergency Management Association (WSEMA) is a non-profit organization supporting and enhancing local emergency management efforts in the state.

We facilitate that by the following:

Promote active, on-going and adequately funded emergency management programs at all levels of government (local, State and Federal) and the private sector.
Build on the foundation of existing emergency management plans, systems, and capabilities to broaden their applicability to the full spectrum of emergencies, emphasizing implementation of emergency management measures that are known to be effective. Foster a full Local, State and Federal Governmental, and Private Sector Partnership with provisions for flexibility at all levels of government and statewide stakeholders for achieving common goals.

Promote more complete integration of emergency management planning into Local and State policy-making and operational systems.
Assist in the development of a coordinated response network through the combined efforts of Local, State, Federal Agencies and the Private Sector.